Bajio Boneville

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Whether you’re casting from a low-tide sandbar or burying your toes in the sand at a beachside bar, the Boneville is a stylish, fashion-forward frame perfect for combing the horizon or trading tall tales at the cantina.

  • Frame Material:Bio-Resin
  • Lens Material:Plastic
  • Size: Medium-Large



Many of our frames are 100% plant-derived. Instead of petroleum-based plastics, we make frames from castor plants. The material is lighter than aluminum, carbon fiber, and glass composites, yet 10 times stronger than polycarbonate, and 13 times stronger than other common bioplastics.



We never wanted a traditional plastic case; instead, we sought materials that fit our brand ethos. We sampled faux leathers made from mango skins, apple skins. even cactus. Unfortunately, these were thin and delicate, and needed a polyurethane backing to hold together, negating much of the benefit.

So we took a closer look at real leather. We hadn’t initially considered leather because we thought it had a poor ecological impact—but we were wrong. Like mango and apple leathers, real leather makes use of a by-product of food production. We use leathers that are tanned using eco-friendly processes. Leather also lasts a very long time—properly cared for, it never needs to be replaced. If it does end up in a landfill? It’s biodegradable.

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