Bo’s Brown (19.5”x23.5”) Acrylic on Canson Mi Tientes Paper

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Bo’s Brown. Original Acrylic on Canson Mi Tientes Paper, 19.5”x23.5” Background from Zach: "Eat it. Eat it! EAT IT! That’s what I heard all day long from the woman in the bow. As she was still shouting at the trout this brown came out and ate her nymph dropper. I saw him down there, chomping away but because the dry didn’t dunk under the gringa called bs when I said set the hook. I saw no point in arguing Now I knew where the big buck lived. The next week, I returned with Bo a chill, grateful guy who’d saved up for years to fish with us. Bo set the hook. Each piece is unique, deckled and full of personality. Shipping included in the price. For framing and mounting possibilities, drop us a line.
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