Fly Fishing Report for Spinney Reservoir

Spinney Reservoir Fishing Report


May 20th, 2017



Spinney Mountain Reservoir


General Overview

Production is better now that since opening.  Fish are still spread out and can even be found in shallow water.


Lake Conditions

 Fish are more willing to play now but the lake is still very low.  The lake has been stocked, so now you can pull in a bunch in the 14 inch range along with a few big boys.

Lake Level: Low (15' Low) 

Clarity: Clear 

Suggested Methods

Running 2 rods, one with a static nymph rig, the other with a small olive or black streamer will be your best method. Fish seem to be sporadically cruising all shorelines, however we've seen the most fish on the Northwest side. You can run your static nymph rigs at around 10ft. in length with Chironomids, Egg Patterns, Scuds, and general attractor nymphs. Holding the static nymph rigs on drop offs. 50-60ft off the shoreline, will give you the most success. Streamer rigs should be used for cruising fish you can see foraging.