NEW Best of the Attractor Dry


A hand picked box filled with the best NEW and Tried & True high confidence Attractor Dries! There is nothing quit like a big fish crushing a big dry fly! These are some of the latest and greatest attractor dries well suited to support plenty of weight for a dry/ dropper rig...or to fish on their own. A strong mix of Terrestrials and straight up Attractor Dries in a great slim waterproof box!


3 of Each of the below patterns/ sizes will be packaged with care in a brand new RGA logo waterproof fly box:

#14 Tan Chubby Chernobyl

#12 Tan Amy's Ant

#14 Craven's Morningwood Hopper (Green)

#14 Grillos' Dancin' Ricky (Purple)

#12 Thunder Thighs Hopper

#10 Fat Albert

#16 Stubby Chubby (Purple)

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