NEW Best of the BWO


A hand picked box filled with the best NEW and Tried & True high confidence patterns for Freestone and Tailwater fisheries alike! This selection features the Blue Winged Olive, which has always been a crowd favorite and is found as a staple food source in Rocky Mountain Watersheds year around. Gearing up for the heavy BWO seasons in the Spring and Fall? This selection will have you well prepared for anything you might encounter in the full lifecycle of this fun bug!


**We'll be upgrading to a larger slim foam box free of charge...8 compartment magnetic boxes are temporarily out of stock.


3 of Each of the below patterns/ sizes will be packaged with care in a brand new 8 compartment RGA logo magnetic slim flybox:

#20 Low Water Baetis (Adult)

#20 Iwane Dun Parachute Baetis (Adult)

#20 Tungsten BH Barr's Emerger (Nymph/ Emerger Crossover)

#20 Tungsten Gunkel's Olive Shotglass Baetis (Nymph)

#20 Tungsten Juan's Splitback Slim Shady (Nymph)

#20 Tungsten Magic Fly (Nymph/ Emerger Crossover)

#20 Smokejumper (Emerger/ Shucking Adult)

#20 CDC Loop Wing (Emerger)

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