NEW Best of the Caddis


A hand picked box filled with the best NEW and Tried & True high confidence patterns for Freestone and Tailwater fisheries alike! This selection features the Caddis Lifecycle, which is a huge producer and one of the famed hatches on the Arkansas River and most Rocky Mountain Watersheds. This selection covers the in's and out's of the full lifecycle of the will be ready to roll for that fantastic Spring and Summer fishing when the Caddis are blowing up!


3 of Each of the below patterns/ sizes will be packaged with care in a brand new 8 compartment RGA logo magnetic slim flybox:

#16 Dorsey's Tungsten Breadcrust (Cased Caddis)

#14 Gunkel's Tungsten Roller Caddis (Larvae)

#16 Kingrey's Metallic Larvae

#16 Galloup's Shop Dip (Pupa *Emerger)

#16 Juan's Tungsten Amber Kryptonite Caddis (Pupa *Emerger)

#16 Gerbec's Mimic Caddis (Adult)

#16 Egan's Front End Loader (Adult/ Egglayer)

#14 Clown Shoe Caddis (Adult/ Egglayer)

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