NEW Best of the Stonefly


A hand picked box filled with the best NEW and Tried & True high confidence patterns for Freestone and Tailwater fisheries alike! This selection features the Stonefly Nymph, which is a year around staple bug on the Arkansas River and most Rocky Mountain Watersheds. The Stonefly nymph is a major food source for trout in the Rockies and abroad, and its hard to beat as a lead attractor fly in a double nymph rig or point fly in a Euro Nymphing rig. Think Cheeseburger...this is it for our trout friends!


3 of Each of the below patterns/ sizes will be packaged with care in a brand new 6 compartment RGA logo *waterproof magnetic slim flybox:

#12 Morrish's Tungsten Iron Sally

#12 Tungsten Twenty-Incher

#12 Smethurst's Double Tungsten Stonebomb

#12 Jig Tungsten Rubberleg Stone

#14 Barr's Tungstone

#14 Tungsten Biot Stone

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