NRS 6' Loop Strap

Article number: P-8714
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Easily secure gear to your raft frame, car-top rack or other tie-down point with NRS Loop Straps. Both ends stay in place when you loosen the strap, so you can remove and replace gear without having to re-rig. These tie-down straps are a two-piece system. Each piece has a loop at one end. Simply thread each end through its loop around your raft frame, roof rack bar or other object, then pull tight. Now you're ready to secure your gear. The buckle end is 1' long, and the tail piece accounts for the remaining footage. Comes in three convenient lengths for tying down dry boxes, coolers, kayaks, canoes and other boating gear. 1" polypropylene boasts a lashing capacity of 1,500 pounds. Our proprietary UV-resistant treatment provides long-term durability in the sunny outdoors. Two center-mounted stainless-steel springs give our cam buckle a stronger, more secure grip on the webbing. The overall length of each NRS loop strap is woven right into the webbing, so there's never any guesswork when choosing the right size for the job. A waterproof 1" x 3" tag near the buckle gives you a place to record your name and contact information.
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