ORVIS Helios 3 Blackout 8'5" 8wt Fly Rod

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The Helios™ 3 Blackouts Have Landed

Available now, three new high-concept, supremely accurate H3 rods designed to excel in specific angling scenarios. This model serves the big fly/ bigger fish market...this 8'5" 8wt gets it done!

Spend seasons in boats and on the banks with storied guides and the planet’s fishiest DIY anglers and you’ll learn the fishing quickly takes a backseat to deep conversations. That’s when our rod design team listens the hardest. We cataloged input, cherry-picked consistent themes, and obsessed over our anglers’ needs, wants, and challenges to design technique-driven tapers that answer the constantly evolving question of “What if?” with “Here's what.” 


Each new model is accuracy with purpose and exactly what you’ve come to expect from the leading name in innovation because our process is really quite simple: Fish with the best anglers, listen instead of talking, take notes, and you can’t help but return the favor with the best rods. 

A product of strong collaboration, the Blackout rods are high-concept, extremely specialized fishing tools—each conceptualized in a partnership between our storied guides and gear designers. New models include a scenario-specific 9'5" 5-weight, an 8'5" 8-weight boat rod, and an 11' 3-weight Euro-nymphing rod.

*The Orvis Helios 3D 8wt fly rod is the is the perfect choice for chasing bonefish on saltwater flats and redfish in the backcountry. The 3D 8wt is also exceptional swinging flies to steelhead, launching big bass bugs to smallmouth and largemouth bass, and streamer fishing huge browns. This versatile 8wt is the perfect choice for covering big water with ease, throwing saltwater flies in the wind, and efforlessly sending big bass bugs straight to their target. The Helios 3D 8wt rod is designed for exceptional accuracy and smooth power. This Helios 3D is the most accurate 8wt fly rod ever built with the ability to place a fly exactly where you want it at long distances. This versatile Helios 3D 8wt rod has amazing responsiveness, line feel, with ample power to cover big water like never. This 8wt will be the anchor in your arsenal and your favorite go-to rod for large predators.

Orvis Helios 3D fly rods were designed to significantly reduce the variables at the point of release, focusing the energy of the cast to the intended target. No matter what happens behind you, the energy of the forward cast is crisply released through a tight window created by a very significant reduction in horizontal and vertical tip frequency. This Helios 3D 8wt autocorrects for all variables in the cast, so all energy is focused on the release to the target with incomparable precision. In other words, the Helios 3D fly rod makes any angler a better caster, which leads to more enjoyment on the water, and more fish landed.

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