Orvis Helios 2 Fly Rod 11 foot 5 wt. 4 piece

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 4¼ oz. 11', 4-piece, Tip Flex fly rod for 5-wt. line

Why would we take the world's best fly rod and change it? The answer is simple. Orvis is driven by constant improvement. Put this rod in your hands and feel the rush. You'll completely understand.

On the water, we all have the same dreams. We all want to connect with a fish, however fleeting it may be. We all want our line to cut through the wind with the ferocity of a scimitar. We all want to pepper banks with hoppers and swing streamers with preternatural ability. We all want to feel that all is right with the world and that we can do no wrong with a fly rod in our hands. While the Helios 2 5-weight switch rod can't guarantee streamside enlightenment, it certainly brings us all 11 feet closer. Proudly made in Manchester, Vermont.

20% stronger than the original Helios
20% lighter in hand
100% increase in tip-impact strength
Fine-tuned tapers for unrivaled tracking, accuracy, and lifting power



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