Premier RIO Perception Fly Line

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The RIO Premier Perception fly line with SlickCast has an easy casting taper design for all around performance. SlickCast technology produces the lowest friction ever measured on a fly line. The RIO Perception has a shorter head for easy loading in small to mid-sized water. The compact taper is great for dry flies, nymphs and streamers making the perception an excellent line for many situations. When we go to the fly line wall to help a customer select a floating line for mid-sized waters and multi-use, nymphing, small streamers and dries we grab a RIO Perception. New for 2020 the RIO Perception fly line features SlickCast Technology adding 33% more durability and a 140% tougher coating than any other line on the market. SlickCast will help you shoot line better, feed line downstream better and protect your line from wear and tear better than any other line on the market.



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