RIO Euro Nymph Line

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A fly line specifically developed for the European Nymphing Methods by RIO Products and Steve Parrott. This thin diameter fly line will increase strike detection due to the low stretch core and the reduction of slack between the guides as well as at the rod tip. The semi-supple yet slightly rough coating will give you total line control, even when wet. It's inception was out of frustration at the offerings in today's market that would work, but were not ideal for the European Methods. The idea is a fly line that acts like a leader, yet cast like a fly line. The thin diameter combined with the low stretch core and supple outer coating provide superb sensitivity which translates into increased strike detection. The line stays straight in the guides and almost hovers out of the rod tip, reducing almost all the slack that traditional lines create due to their tapers. This is not a ''traditional'' weight forward or double taper fly line, it is a European Nymphing specific fly line that will change the way you fish these methods. If you have a dedicated European Nymphing set-up, you owe it to yourself to try this line, it will change the game!
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