RIO Technical Trout

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*1 Left: WF4F (Sky Blue/ Peach/ Ivory)

Spring time in the Valley. One of the most exciting times for trout fishing. You have survived the winter doldrums, tied flies, organized gear and looked at the maps to refresh your memory. You hear the stories filter in, bugs are hatching and fish are looking up. Time to get out there. Did you look at your fly line? I mean more then a cursory look to see if it was dirty or cracked. Are you using a plan vanilla weight forward line that is “fine” for every day use? Think you are good to go? Of course, you can use whatever it takes to get the fly to the fish. But, what if the next time you are out you can give yourself an edge with those spooky bug sippers, would you take it? Fly lines are tools as much as rods and reels are. If you think “good enough” is good enough then you are handicapping yourself. The wrong size screwdriver may be “good enough.” But if you have ever stripped the head on a screw because you didn’t use the right sized screwdriver, you know what I mean. Just like there is the right screwdriver for the screw, there is the right line for the fishing you are going to do.

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