Sage X 9’ 6wt (4pc)

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Sage has long been one of the fly fishing world's most innovative fly rod manufacturers. Their X Rod is built on a platform of new technology and high-tech materials to give anglers the most technically-advanced fly rod since the Sage One. The X rod features Sage's Konnetic HD Technology which utilizes a high-density fiber composite for a lighter, stronger fly rod that has been developed for consistently tighter loops on every cast. This technology delivers efficient blank recovery and transfers energy from deep within the rod all the way to the tip, while decreased lateral and medial vibrations increase accuracy. Additionally, this fly rod is outfitted with durable, precision-engineered components . On blue-ribbon trout streams or shallow saltwater flats, the X Rod from Sage delivers tighter loops, powerful casts and a smooth delivery for all-water fly fishing performance.

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