Simms Solarflex Sun Glove

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Simms’ lightweight SunGlove™ with Solarflex™ UPF50 stretch fabric is your on-the-water sanctuary for torched and tortured hands. Gloves feature improved overall coverage and fit, while a synthetic overlay on the index finger increases stripping durability. Tie knots with ease thanks to the agility-enhanced half-finger design and bolster sun protection via extended coverage on middle and index fingers. When it’s time for your hands to go naked, pairing snaps keep your gloves connected. FEATURES Lightweight, UPF50 sun glove with improved coverage & fit Synthetic overlay on the index finger for stripping durability Half finger style with extended coverage on index/middle fingers, long length to cover the wrists & pairing snaps for storage

FABRIC TECH: Solarflex™ UPF50 stretch fabric APPROX. WEIGHT: 10 oz

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