Sporting Times Ranch Half Day

Article number: P-12247
Welcome to the ultimate fly fishing variety, at one of the finest properties in Fremont County! Sporting Times Ranch offers very productive fishing to the novice and experienced angler alike! With a mile of private access to 4-Mile Creek (one of the best small streams in Colorado), and a private 2 acre lake, action is never lacking! For those anglers who love small water, 4-Mile Creek offers a backcountry feel, with big time trout....we see many fish in the 16-20 inch range every year out this small stream! For a change of pace, the lake on the property features trophy trout, and lots of them! The bio-diversity in the lake (freshwater shrimp, tadpoles, baitfish, scuds, damsels, dragonflies and more) grows trout at abnormal rates, and its not unlikely to see many fish over 5 pounds during your day. This property is a fantastic option for anglers with little to no experience, however, if you are experienced and just want to get into a lot of quality can do it here! A full day on this property with one of our award winning guides will offer you non-stop action and great instruction... **Half Day trips include Refreshments. Trip Fee Includes $75 Rod Fee PP **Note: There is also a great private guest house overnight option at Sporting Times Ranch. Please see the our main trip menu for that overnight option....
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