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Norway... the BEST Atlantic Salmon Fishing known to man! Fly Fish the Land of Giants with Fly Fishing Adventure Company!

Norway brings true fly fishing roots back to heart. Traditional Salmon beats on some of the most exclusive Atlantic Salmon Rivers in the World is what this region is known for. If swinging traditional salmon flies on spey rods is your cup of tea, look no further than the breathtaking waters of the Scandinavian countries! This is truly a magical region to fish, and every now and then you will connect with a fish of a lifetime!

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Norwegian Flyfishers Club lies on the banks of the River of the finest Atlantic Salmon fisheries on planet Earth! 

Norwegian Flyfishers Club is located near the village of Støren, in Mid-Norway. Only a 45-minute drive from Trondheim and the Trondheim Airport. The Trondheim Fjord is one of the most well protected fjords in Norway, perhaps the reason why Gaula salmon have the opportunity to grow to such a large average size. What makes NFC unique is our diverse selection of fishing beats in the middle and lower sections of the river, which increase overall chances for very productive fishing throughout the season, regardless of the conditions.

Spanning over 145 km from its headwaters in the high mountains near the village of Holtalen to where it joins the sea in the Trondheim Fjord. The Gaula is a wild and unregulated river which has never been built out for hydroelectric power. As such it has a constantly fluctuating water level which provides seasoned anglers with a varied and exciting fishing challenge. Second only to the Tana (which is over 10 times longer) in catch, the Gaula is one of the most consistently productive salmon rivers not only in Norway, but in the world. The river supports healthy stocks of some of the largest Atlantic salmon in the world. Many of the fish in the Gaula average over 30 lbs. and some even over 40 lbs. In the early season fish can average over 20 lbs. This is truly the river of dreams and a place to try for the "Atlantic Salmon of a lifetime"


Norwegian Flyfishers Club Norway Fly Fishing Gaula

In 2014, Norwegian Flyfishers Club bulit its brand new lodge and welcome center. Located at Rogstadmoen farm (approximately 8km upstream from the village of Støren). This lodge serves as the new central meeting point, dining facility, fly shop and bar for the NFC. All meals are offered at the lodge, and the cuisine is a fantastic mix of Norwegian favorites and other European fare. the lodge offers capacity for up to 14 fishermen in a variety of single, double rooms and suite as well as a wellness center with sauna and a massage room. 

For those coming in a group of 2 or more (up to 7), or for the individual fisherman who would like a more independent schedule and the ability to cook for him/herself, there are also recently renovated country houses as lodging options. Here one can cater for oneself or choose to have meals at the main lodge. With a varied fishing schedule this is a good option to be able to operate at ones own pace. Depending on the individual country house, this option also provides walking distance access to some of the prime NFC beats.

Following the Gaula River regulations, NFC operates a 24-hour a day fishing rotation. This rotation is broken down into 6-hour sessions per beat and two fishermen fish each beat at a time. The Gaula is one of the last rivers which has not been built out for hydroelectric power, something which only adds to its natural beauty and the excitement of the fishing. This means the water level is invariably changing and conditions are constantly in flux. To accommodate for these regularly changing conditions, the NFC rotation has beats which fish well in all conditions. Whether it be high, medium or low water; below the Gaulfoss (which ensure good fishing in the early season), or above the Gaulfoss and in the tributaries. No matter what the present circumstances may be, each fisherman has equal opportunity to fish prime beats during thoe specific conditions within that 24-hour period. We recommend consulting with NFC staff or guides upon your arrival to maximize your fishing week in terms of prioritizing the most productive beats during that week. 

Fly Fish Norway Norwegian Flyfishers Club


Norwegian Flyfishers Club offers the ultimate traditional European Atlantic Salmon Fishing experience. If you are looking for an Atlantic Salmon trip of a lifetime, or just to experience one of the most pristine and prestigious rivers in the world...look no further than the River Gaula and Norwegian Flyfishers Club!

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