Umpqua Belize/Yucatan Fly Assortment Deluxe

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Umpqua has mined their extensive database of flies to offer truly complete species and destination specific selections of flies. The best selling and most effective patterns have been chosen based on actual results. The Deluxe selection includes enough flies to be successful for the standard fly fisher. The Guide selection includes either just more of the Deluxe selection, and/or a larger variety of flies. The Umpqua Belize/Yucatan Deluxe Fly Selection includes one of each of the following patterns: Christmas Island Special Orange Size 8 Christmas Island Special Pearl Size 8 Squimp Tan Size 8 Crazy Charlie Tan Size 6 Bonefish Scampi Bead Chain Tan Size 6 Del Brown's Permit Crab, size 2 Bonefish Bitters Matthew's Olive, size 8 Bonefish Bitters Hermit Crab, size 8 Mini Krystal Shrimp Pink/Pearl, size 6 Turnefle Crab Matthew's Cream, size 6 Turnefle Crab Matthew's Olive, size 6 Gotcha Pearl, size 6 Gotcha Pearl, size 8 Mini Puff Orange, size 6 Bonefish Deep Minnow Foxee Red, size 6 Total Flies : 15
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