Umpqua Red Hot Power Taper Leader 3X

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This is the ultimate Hi-Vis Leader from Umpqua. This 10 foot leader is the only one of the market to feature a vivid NEON RED section integrated into the taper. The first 36 inches of butt section is a matte-milky color for maximum constrast. The next 24 inch section features a Hi-Vis NEON RED Indicator section. These two colors combine to offer the highest visual color contract and vibrancy of any indicator leader, and a bright visual separation between butt and tippet sections.
Great for high sticking or Euro nymphing
Depth control is visually calibrated with the raising and lowering of the red indicator section which is 5 feet above your fly
Great visual indicator for following the leader/fly while either indicator nymphing or dry fly fishing
The RED HOT is like a ''gun sight'' for tracking the fly in slow or stillwaters

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