Umpqua Southern Rockies Trout Fly Assortment Deluxe

Article number: P-13149
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The Southern Rockies Trout Flies Deluxe Selection from Umpqua takes the guess work out of pattern selection with a selection of many staple patterns a fly fisher might need for the region. 20 Total Flies! This selection includes 1 of each of the following flies: Elk Caddis Olive sz 16 Peacock Caddis sz 16 E/C Caddis Cutter Olive sz 16 RS2 Emerger Dun sz 20 Colorado Green Drake sz 12 Humpy Yellow 16 Kaufmann's Stimulator Royal sz 14 Parachute Adams sz 18 Parachute Blue Olive sz 18 Wulff Royal sz 16 PMD Quill AK Best Yellow sz 18 Buckskin Caddis sz 16 Copper John Barr's GB Red sz 16 GB Prince Nymph sz 16 Poxyback West Green Drake sz 12 Poxyback PMD Mercer's sz 16 GB Pheasant Tail sz 18 Micro Mayfly Copper Bead Olive sz 18 Griffith's Gnat sz 20 Bead Head Emerger Barr's BWO sz 20

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