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Non-traditional but oh so sweet. This eco-friendly, 100% recyclable floating line is effortless to cast, cuts wind, delicately loads the rod, and will quickly become your favorite. Even better, it provides solid hook sets since it doesn't stretch and has very low memory so tangles and knots are a non-issue. It blends well with it's khaki color but has an 8" hi-vis indicator section to make your life easier. This supple line is all American and made in Colorado, USA. Now available in 4 lengths to pair perfectly with the Suzume, Zako, Baichi or other tenkara rod. Floating Tenkara level line was designed with some deliberate applications in mind: windy conditions, dry fly drifts and still water presentation. Our improved Transitional Loop connection and new HI-Viz taper will turn over a five foot section of tippet with ease, while the floating line section offers the finest buoyant coating and floating line technology available. RIGS Hand Tied Floating Tenkara level line allows anglers to combine traditional Tenkara fly fishing technique with the best of western tactics - a progressive blend of efficiency. - See more at: https://fishrigs.com/products-page/rigs-tenkara-lines/floating-tenkara-level-line-with-hi-viz-tip-15-2/#sthash.v8uTqIR6.dpuf ​Length: 7', 11', 12.5' and 15' Lillian and Tippet Transition Loops 8" Hi-Vis Sighter Streamline Connections 100% Recyclable Eco-friendly Low Memory No Stretch Made in Colorado, USA
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