Spinney & Antero Reservoir Guided Fly Fishing Trips



Spinney Reservoir or Antero Reservoir Guided Powerboat Trip


Welcome to Spinney and Antero Reservoirs, 2 of the finest gold medal reservoirs in the Rocky Mountains! These reservoirs are the complete package: Big Trout, Lots of Trout, and a prolific amount of bug life. These reservoirs offer one of the largest Callibaetis hatches in North America along with seasonal activity of Chironomids, Damselflies, Caddis and more! These reservoirs fish extremely well from Ice Off (Early May) through Mid-September. Brown Trout and Rainbows dominate the scene, and anglers can expect to see fish average 16-22 inches, with many fish reaching into the mid 20's and a few in the 30" category. Our guide service runs a variety of vessels based on water conditions with everything from Saltwater Skiffs to Drift Boats. You can bet you will be high, dry, comfortable and the action will be non-stop!

**We only offer 6 hour (Full Day) trips on the South Park Reservoirs. Lunch is currently not included under COVID guidelines, however you may "opt-in" and it can be added for an additional fee. 

**Guide will decide between the 2 reservoirs based on best fishing conditions at the time of the trip.