Learn Fly Fishing Gear Selection with Royal Gorge Anglers

Gear Selection for Fly Fishing

The proper equipment can be the difference between having an enjoyable or miserable day on the water. Educating anglers about the benefits of proper gear selection is Royal Gorge Anglers' number one goal. This great selection of media delivers some great tips for selecting the appropriate fly fishing equipment. Check out our Facebook Page for new fly fishing industry industry gear reviews and much more! Call us anytime with any questions you may have (719) 269-3474.


Gear Selection According to Hank Patterson (for a good laugh)


Choosing the Right Flyrod


Choosing the Rigth Tippet and Leader Material

Wondering how to unwind a fresh leader out of the package? Check out this helpful tutorial from the Orvis Learning Center.


Choosing the Correct Fly Line

Choosing the Correct Accessories