Fishing Report For the Arkansas Tailwater


Arkansas Tailwater Pueblo Fishing Report


Arkansas River Fly Fishing Guide



June 11th, 2019



Arkansas River Tailwater below Pueblo Reservoir (Pueblo Tailwater)


General Overview

The Upper Arkansas is cranking now...snow is coming down quickly and flows are at nearly 4090cfs at Portland (Canon City at 4400cfs, so rising rapidly). What that means is increased Native release out of the dam to match that inflow. One plus, is that its been so wet that there haven't been many downstream irrigation calls...However, flows will be elevated for the next few weeks at least and relatively unapproachable unless you're able to float. 

If flows are stepped up in smaller chunks, we should see clarity maintain. However, there will be some edge scouring, after which we'll start to see a more "Summer Green" clarity return to the river. As flows bump and hold at a higher level, our guides will make a pretty automatic switch to larger flies and are very opportunistic at higher flows. 

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Stream Conditions

Above Pueblo Flowrate: 4560cfs

Clarity: Tinted


Suggested Methods

 Hatch matchers will continue to be important (BWO & Midge), however our mindset will change with increased release and higher flows. We'll transition to bigger attractor nymphs for our subsurface rigs, with a heavy focus on smaller rubberleg stones, worms, and cranefly larva. Make sure you're using plenty of weight in your nymph rigs in higher flows. Our guides will also lean heavily on either tandem rigs or larger articulate patterns for best success. 


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