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Arkansas Tailwater Pueblo Fishing Report


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April 17th, 2019


Arkansas Tailwater below Pueblo Reservoir


General Overview

Flows are now at around 200cfs and fishing has been absolutely solid! Overall, this increase in flow since March 15th has helped fish spread out a bit and productivity has gone through the roof! You'll still need to be prepared to fish light tippet and small flies, however with the strengthening BWO and Caddis activity, that will begin to wane as well. Do be very careful wading around Redds and not to fish to actively spawning fish, there are many Redds in every section currently. Overall, the fishing has been lights out, so get to this section soon...before big water hits! Check out our April Video Report (Above) for more detailed information.

BWO and Midge activity has been strong, and Caddis activity is coming along near the substrate. Typically you'll find Midges out when the sun is high. On overcast days, the BWO hatch activity can be substantial. With increased release, also be sure to be prepared with San Juan Worms, Cranefly Larva, Leeches, and some Small Stonefly Nymphs. Overall fishing has been very good in the last few weeks, but make sure you're stealthy and fishing long leaders and light tippet for best success. 

Royal Gorge Anglers holds the oldest permit on the Arkansas Tailwater. Ready to learn how to approach the Tailwater in the winter with confidence? Call us Toll Free (888) 994-6743 to book a day with one of our Orvis Endorsed Guides. 


Stream Conditions

Above Pueblo Flowrate: 177cfs ~ Approx 205cfs below the hatchery

Clarity: Stained to Clear


Suggested Methods

 We have continued to see strong BWO and Midge hatch activity, and those bugs will always be producers in the month of February. During "Early Spring" it will be key to have your substrate nymph rig dialed in on the midge and Baetis scene. As with any watershed, look for your heavy hatches before switching to dries, but especially in the early Spring...deep nymphing will be your best producer throughout the day. Don't forget a small leech pattern dead drifted or on the that will still be a producer in the winter.


Arkansas Tailwater Fly Fishing Guide