Fishing Report For the Arkansas Tailwater


Arkansas Tailwater Pueblo Fishing Report


Royal Gorge Anglers Christmas List

Royal Gorge Anglers Christmas List


December 7th, 2018


Arkansas Tailwater below Pueblo Reservoir


General Overview

Fish have responded well to a slight bump in release (back into the more normal winter flow range). We've now got ballpark 65cfs below the hatchery, and that will be a target range for the winter flow program. Water temperatures have remained steady in the high 40's and low 50' fishing should be strong and the fish will be much happier at this level. Continue to be cautious and make sure to respect other anglers on the there will continue to be less active holding water for fish and plenty of anglers out there with you this winter!  

BWO, Trico and Midge activity has been strong, but Caddis activity is on the wane. Typically you'll find Trico Spinnerfall activity in the mornings and evenings with low light conditions, and Midges will be out when the sun is high. On overcast days, the BWO hatch activity can be very strong. Overall fishing has been very good in the last 3-4 days, but stay tuned for any changes in flowrate as we move into late Fall. 

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Stream Conditions

Above Pueblo Flowrate: 33 cfs ~ Approx 70 cfs below the hatchery

Clarity: Clear


Suggested Methods

 We have continued to see strong BWO, Caddis, Trico and Midge hatch activity, and those bugs will always be producers. During "Fall Primetime," however we have really began to see fish key on Pseudo Baetis and Red Bodied Attractors both in the substrate and on the addition to your staples. As with any watershed, look for your heavy hatches before switching to dries...deep nymphing will be your best producer throughout the day. 


Arkansas Tailwater Fly Fishing Guide