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October 3, 2022


Arkansas River Tailwater below Pueblo Reservoir (Pueblo Tailwater)


General Overview

We've got some phenomenal weather on tap as we enter the weekend! Cooler/ overcast conditions should really ramp things up on the Tailwater. Bug activity is really beginning to build throughout the fishing will become alot more consistent! We've now entered the transitional time period between Summer and Fall on the Tailwater. Flows have ramped down to around 80-100cfs, which is typical in mid September...and cooler weather is in the forecast! Things will become a bit more technical due to lower flows, but with cooler weather on tap fish will really be on the feed! Over the past several months, great flows coupled with cooler than average water temps and a myriad of hatches has the fish very happy! We're continuing to see substantial amount of your staples...Tricos, BWO's, Midges, Caddis, and Midges.

Alot of options right now! Strong options up and down the Arkansas Freestone as we move into the Fall time period, with guides positioned all the way from the Upper Basin (Buena Vista to Leadville) down through Canon City. The Arkansas Tailwater continues to fish very well. Our backcountry options, South Platte trips and lake powerboat trips are still churning out great days as well, so those are strong options. Limitless fly fishing opportunities in the Royal Gorge give us a shout to get out on the water! Questions? Call us (888) 994-6743 or CLICK HERE for more information.

Please call us at (888) 994-6743 ext 2, or visit our Guide Trips online to inquire about availability if you're interested in booking a soon for prime Spring dates, they're disappearing rapidly. 



Stream Conditions

Flowrate: 240 cfs (plus ~20cfs out of the Hatchery)

Clarity:  Strong Clarity (3ft Plus)



Suggested Methods

Now that we're in the "dog days of Summer", we continue to encounter smaller bugs but also are able to throw some larger attractor nymphs into the mix, and hatch activity can really ramp up. Best success will be had focusing on Trico, Midge, Caddis and BWO lifecycle activity. Nymphing will still be your staple throughout the day but be prepared with small hatch matching dries and emergers as even the bigger fish have been found focused on the surface and sub-surface film if enough bugs are present.


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