Fishing Report For the Arkansas Tailwater


Arkansas Tailwater Pueblo Fishing Report



Eric Atha Class



June 1st, 2023


Arkansas River Tailwater below Pueblo Reservoir (Pueblo Tailwater)


General Overview

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A lot more water being released now. Be very cautious wading any flow rate over 500 cfs and it will be best to work structure near the edges at high water. Fish are still keying on small bugs, but can definitely also fall prey to larger attractor nymphs and streamers now that more water is in the system. Fish will also continue too spread out more with more holding water at their disposal, so be sure to cover water and look for fish in calmer edge water. Nymphing will continue to be a staple for you, but be sure you're prepared with the full lifecycle of the midge, BWO, Caddis and fish will make themselves available on the surface throughout the day.

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Stream Conditions

Flowrate: 2530 cfs (plus ~30cfs out of the Hatchery)

Clarity:  Tinted to Clear...still very good!



Suggested Methods

Bigger flies can be best with any bigger releases of water we may see in the coming weeks and more turbid conditions, revert back to smaller flies in lower flows. Best success will be had focusing on Trico, Midge, and BWO lifecycle activity. Nymphing will still be your staple throughout the day but be prepared with small hatch matching dries and emergers as even the bigger fish have been found focused on the surface and sub-surface film if enough bugs are present. Streamer fishing can be a good tactic on cloudy days or early/ late when the light is lowest...slow dead swings on your streamer presentation.




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