Fishing Report For the Arkansas Tailwater


Arkansas Tailwater Pueblo Fishing Report



Arkansas River Fly Fishing Festival 



January 22nd, 2020



Arkansas River Tailwater below Pueblo Reservoir (Pueblo Tailwater)


General Overview

It's been a very consistent last few months on the Tailwater, with some of the best dry fly fishing we can recall. While the hatch activity has waned and most definetely become a micro-dry-fly game (24 and smaller), nymphing continues to be very consistent. Be sure to get some days on the most productive Winter tailwater in Colorado soon, as our weather forecast looks very positive over the next 10 days.

Flows are in the typical window (75-100cfs) for the Winter Flow Management program on the Tailwater, and water temps have been very consistent. Hatches have slowed down a bit over the last several weeks, but fish can still be had on top if you're willing to go small enough. Otherwise, nymphing has been very consistent, but technical due to the lower flows and pressure. 

Bug wise, its pretty simple in the winter. Midges will be your #1 player in all lifecycle stages, followed by very small (#20-24) Pseudo Baetis (BWOs). Our guides are taking some nice fish dead drifting micro leeches as well, but if you want to be successful its best to key on the small bugs and light tippet.

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Stream Conditions

Above Pueblo Flowrate: 76.9 cfs plus approx 25 cfs out of the Hatchery

Clarity: Clear


Suggested Methods

 Its getting a bit more technical on the tailwater, especially with flows now in the Winter range. We've still got some serious bug activity in the Midge, and Baetis categories. Nymphing will be your staple, and its time to start thinking lighter tippet and longer leaders with plenty of angler pressure. Midges are typically key in the early mornings, but as soon as you see micro-Baetis and Midges in the air (typically late morning) sure you're prepared with full lifecycles.

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