Fishing Report For the Arkansas Tailwater


Arkansas Tailwater Pueblo Fishing Report


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April 1st, 2020


Arkansas River Tailwater below Pueblo Reservoir (Pueblo Tailwater)


General Overview

Flows are bumping a bit ahead of schedule due to the lake being near capacity as well as downstream water calls coming into force. This flow will be difficult for wade anglers, but it still an option if you take your time wading and be cautious. It’s our recommendation that you switch focuses to the Arkansas Freestone at this time, as flows are low (doesn’t get any easier to wade) and fishing has been red hot. As soon as we have been given the green light by the state to continue guiding operations (on April 12th), we will begin guiding float trips, which is extremely effective in the 600-3000cfs flow range on the tailwater. Give us a call if you'd like to pre-book a float (888) 994-6743 ext 2. 

Warmer weather has arrived, and we're turning the corner into the Early-Spring season on the Tailwater. The first thing we'll mention is to please be mindful of pre-spawn fish or actively spawning fish on Redds (clean patches of gravel). We're already beginning to see fish start to group up, so please fish ethically. As we move into April, please realize that this can be one of the best stretches of fishing for the wade angler on the Tailwater. Our guides are really knocking it out of the park, and fishing will only get better!

Bug wise, its pretty simple. Midges will be your #1 player in all lifecycle stages, followed by very small (#20-24) Pseudo Baetis (BWOs). Darker has been better on the Midge front, but that doesn't mean you won't stick a fish on red or olive. Our guides are taking some nice fish dead drifting micro leeches as well, but if you want to be successful its best to key on the small bugs and light tippet. With more water, be sure to remember your worm patterns, small stoneflies and cranefly larva. 

*Note: We are beginning to book many of our Spring guide days to capacity already. And most especially our exclusive prime float dates on the Tailwater in April, May, June and July are beginning to book solid. Please call us at (888) 994-6743 ext 2, or visit our Guide Trips online to inquire about availability if you're interested in booking a trip...before all our days are gone!


Stream Conditions

Above Pueblo Flowrate: 907 cfs plus approx 25 cfs out of the Hatchery

Clarity: Clear to Slight Stain


Suggested Methods

  With more water we're beginning to guide with bigger bugs. That being said, the major focus should still reside with the BWO and Midge lifecycle. Larger attractor nymphs will now be in play (annelids, cranefly larva, caddis larva, etc). In general focus on heavier nymph rigs, but be prepared with hatch matchers and emergers. Streamers will also be in play with bigger water, so keep that in your wheel house. Nymphing will be your staple at these higher flows, and be sure to use plenty of weight. Fish may be pushed to the edges in certain structure, so that will present some opportunities.

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