Fishing Report For the Arkansas Tailwater


Arkansas Tailwater Pueblo Fishing Report




June 10th, 2024


Arkansas River Tailwater below Pueblo Reservoir (Pueblo Tailwater)


General Overview



With runoff on the upper River, releases have begun and likely the river will continue to rise.  Change your mindset a bit with these higher flows, fish are moving into softer water and edges. Do not attempt to cross the river. Fish have been feeding hard throughout the day with very consistent bug activity...heavy at times. We've now got Spring Blue Winged Olives, Midges, a few Tricos and a few early Caddis. Our guides are still focusing on a variety of methods to get it done, but nymphing will continue to be your staple.
 Our guides will certainly be focused on a handful of bugs for the next several months...Midges, BWOs, Micro Caddis and Tricos. Be prepared with the lifecycle of the aforementioned bugs, as you will see selectively feeding fish on the surface and in the sub-surface addition to your core nymphing. We've also added Spring Caddis and larger BWOs to the mix, so its not a bad idea to be ready with those bugs as well.

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Stream Conditions

Flowrate: 6080 cfs (plus ~25 cfs out of the Hatchery)

Clarity: Tinted to Offcolor



Suggested Methods

With more water in the system now, we can certainly nymph larger attractor nymphs. Anelids, Blowtorches, Larger Midges, Stoneflies, Leeches are all in play in combination with our typical midge and bwo lifecycle. Streamer fishing can be a good tactic...slow dead swings on your streamer presentation.




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