Favorite Fly Patterns Instructional Tying Videos

Favorite Fly Pattern Tying Videos


Tying Juan Ramirez's Slim Shady 5.0


Tying Charlie Craven's Two Bit Stone


Tying Shea Gunkel's Radiation Baetis


Tying Juan Ramirez's Money Midge


Tying The Chubby Chernobyl


Tying Hopper Juan's Hollywood Hopper


Tying Shea Gunkel's Shotglass Baetis


Tying Andrew Grillos' Hippie Stomper


Tying John Barr's Tungstone


Tying the Batwing Emerger


Tying the Guides Choice Hares Ear


Tying the Striped Ape with Larry Kingrey


Tying the Gold Ice with Larry Kingrey


Tying the Parachute Adams with Charlie Craven


Tying the RS2 with Juan Ramirez


Tying the Barr Emerger


Tying Pat Dorsey's Medallion Midge


Tying the Golden Stonefly Nymph with Larry Kingrey


Tying the Charlie Boy Hopper with Charlie Craven


Tying Barr's Graphic Caddis


Tying Barr's Copper John


Tying Mercer's Micro Mayfly


Tying the Drowned Trico Spinner with Ed Engle


Tying Barr's Tungstone


Tying the WD-50 Emerger


Tying the CDC Pheasant Tail


Tying the Hackle Stacker (BWO)