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Fly Fishing with Royal Gorge Anglers


Well folks, lets face it, casting is a very integral piece of fly fishing...

We at Royal Gorge Anglers feel that if an angler can cast 40 feet with precision, that angler will catch a lot of fish. The following selection of casting casting instructional videos present techniques that will help any angler grow their casting skill immensely. Whether you are an expert caster or a novice, taking a good hard look at a few of the following techniques will truly build your casting portfolio. If you have any questions on the casting techniques below, give us a call (719) 269-3474. Need a brush up on your casting, or want to learn a new cast in person? Book a Guide.


Flyrod Grip


The Basic Casting Stroke


Build a Strong Foundation: The Back Cast


The Roll Cast


The Aerial Mend


Correcting a Tailing Loop


The Double Haul


The Parachute/ Pile Cast


Bow/ Arrow Cast


ABC's of Spey Casting