Orvis Wide-Mouth Guide Net

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As the longtime fishing guide adage goes, a larger target is better when landing fish—exactly why Orvis has substantially increased the hoop size in the Widemouth Net series all the way through the yoke zone. Not only is it far easier to bag a fish with a hoop this big, it’s a lot safer when removing your fly from a fish with ample room to work. The fish appreciate that, as well. Made from a unique composite material for lightweight durability that won’t show age as easily as wood, with a deeper, knotless, hook-resistant net bag. Pairs well with the Guide Sling Pack and Bug-Out Backpack, with a 19½" handle length that covers you from boat days to walk-and-wade sessions.

37½" x 12¾".

* For both boat fishing and walk-and-wade trips
* Large hoop sizing makes landing fish easier and safer
* Lightweight, durable composite construction that won’t age like wood
* Deeper, knotless, hook-resistant net bag
* Pairs well with the Guide Sling Pack and Bug-Out Backpack
* Total Length – 37.5”
* Total Width – 12.75”
* Hoop Length – 17.5”
* Bag Depth – 10.5”


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