Tacky Pescador Fly Box - Small - Burnt Orange

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When it comes to waterproof, ultra-durable fly boxes for daily use you’re looking
for something compact, but capable of adapting to changing conditions. Enter
the perfect satellite box for your countless stacks of large, pattern-specific boxes
at home. With the exact same features afforded to its larger counterparts, the
Small Pescador Fly Box has quickly become a favorite for those anglers who need a
solution for quick outings on your local lake or stream.
• 100% recycled plastic box
• Holds up to 182 flies
• Original patented silicone anchoring technology
• Withstands extreme temperature range
• Latchless waterproof closure
• Durable and tested for long-lasting strength
• Patented design

5” x 3.125” x 1”
100% recycled plastic box
0.30 lbs.
Flies not included

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