Arkansas River Half Day Float Fishing Trip

Article number: P-11836
Guided Float fishing on the Arkansas River gives you a view that most waders will never see. "It didn't look like the same river" is a common statement following a float trip. You won't be crowded by other anglers and you'll see wildlife, canyons, and river dynamics that can only be seen by floating. We use inflatable boats with fishing frames or Hog Island Boat Works Drift Boats in higher water due to the rugged and gradient nature of this river. A float trip on the Arkansas River may be a little different from trips you may have taken before due to the fast paced nature of the float. On the Arkansas River, your guide will be a combination of a fly fishing guide and a whitewater master. This half day float is fast paced, it will be non-stop casting and non-stop action from the time you step in the boat! The half day float is a great way to wet your appetite! ***All float trips are run through Arkansas River Tours permits, our float partner for over 20 years, and depart from our upstream base of operations in Cotopaxi, CO. **Flies and Leaders are additional cost, however the guide will provide all terminal tackle (tippet, indicators, etc.). Rental gear is available at request. Lunch is not included in half day floats, however the guide will have refreshments on the boat. Morning Floats Launch at 8AM, and Evening Floats Launch at 4PM (may change seasonally).
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