Gummy Minnow


The Gummy Minnow is a simple pattern that imitates a small baitfish. Available in a wide range of colors from Chartreuse to Brown, this fly is perfect for fooling Stripers eating small bait on the surface or Albies pushing schools of rain bait. It also doubles as a freshwater fly and works well for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass searching for meals of baitfish and small fish. The pattern features a resin-built soft plastic body with lifelike eyes built-in, tied on a saltwater hook that’s strong enough for the most energetic predators. This fly doesn’t have any added weight so it remains close to the surface when stripped. The gummy body keeps the fly from fouling and increases durability even after multiple fish. A box loaded with these flies is sure to make for a productive day chasing Stripers in the summer or Albies in the fall. 

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