Croakies Arc Endless Sunglass Retainer 16" (Silver)

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Croakies' most technically advanced line of sport retainers, delivering a versatile fit thanks to an articulating, coated stainless steel adjustable length cable. Along with replacement, interchangeable ends that accommodate various eyewear temple sizes, the ARC Endless also features Croakies’ Endless Length Adjustment technology, for an optimized, snug fit during performance activities.

  • Adjustable, Coated Stainless Steel Cable
  • Comes with two end sizes S/M (fits temple sizes 6 – 10mm) and M/L (fit temple sizes 11 – 17mm)
  • 16" Adjustable Cable Length
  • Articulating, Re-Attachable Ends Available in Varying Sizes
  • Proudly Made in Bozeman, MT


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