Galloup's Bighole Bug (Brown/ Yellow) #4


When your pursuit is large carnivorous trout that call for 0x tippets and 7 weight rods, Galloups Bighole Bug Fly is just the pattern to tie on. Developed by Kelly Galloup, this streamer has all of the movement, mojo, and fish catching abilities of his other patterns. Designed to flow and push water, Galloups Bighole Bug Fly is an articulated streamer thats rear is heavy on the marabou while it is front half is palmered with webby hackle, equipped with rubber legs, and finished off with a set of dumbbell eyes. These materials combine to give an excellent baitfish pattern thats packed with movement and has the enticing ‚dip‚ motion that dumbbell eyes often create. 


Galloups Bighole Bug Fly is a pattern that you can turn to whether it is a high water situation in early spring or a low water river packed with prespawn browns. A versatile fly to fish, Galloups Bighole Bug Fly can be dead drifted, stripped upstream, swung, or even fished in lakes and ponds for trout, bass, and pike. A streamer thats hard to beat, Galloups Bighole Bug Fly should be in all of our boxes. 

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