Galloup’s Mini Sex Dungeon

Article number: P-13022
Lets face it, as much as we all love to throw big articulated streamers there are certain times when smaller, food-based patterns are far more effective. For these situations, we present to you the mini sex dungeon. This fly has been a code cracker for us during the dog days of summer, as well as early spring and winter when trout become more lethargic due to colder water temps. Everything in this fly is tied with the same proportions as the original sex dungeon, but Kelly added a couple stacks of MFC’s barred buggerbou for a mottled effect on all the color combinations except for the black variation. Galloup’s mini sex dungeon measures in at roughly 2.5 in. and is available in white, olive, yellow, black, natural, and crawfish orange. Size 6. (2 Pack)
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