Hud's Bushwhacker (2-Pack)


For a small baitfish presentation to predator species, this pattern is hard to beat. The fly will fish in open water as well or better than a standard pattern, as the deep bend in the hook shank keels the fly better than any standard hook can. When stripped across rocks and weeds the fly rides hook up, with its top wing of bucktail guarding the hook point preventing any fouling, thus creating a weedless pattern without the need for additional mono or wire which can cause hookup failures. The bucktail is soft enough to ensure good hook sets and the hook gape is such that you rarely loose fish. Fish it as a standard minnow pattern in open water, or fish it were a weedless pattern is required, there is no need to switch patterns. However you fish it, fish it with confidence!"

- Signature Tyer Brian Hudspeth


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