MFC Plan D Pocket Fly Box - Clear Lid - Articulated Plus

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Plan D's Pocket Articulated Plus fly box is perfect for small to medium sized articulated flies tied on a shank with a trailer hook. The Plan D Pocket Articulated Plus box is perfect for smaller Intruders and articulated trout streamers like the Scupzilla. It features a clear plastic top lid which allows you to easily see the box contents when closed. Ten hooks are on each end of the box to secure the eye of the fly. Slit foam secures the trailing hook to hold the flies securely in the box for a total of up to 20 flies. The Pocket Articulated Plus fly box also features a water tight seal but with a waterproof vent to keep your valuable flies nice and dry yet allow wet flies to breathe and dry inside the box when kept closed.

20 stainless steel hooks hold up to 20 flies
Clear visibility of your flies with the lid closed
Waterproof seal plus a waterproof vent
Plenty of height in the box for large flies so they don't get crushed
Size: 6.59" x 5.22" x 1.41"
Weight: 9.0 ounces

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