NEW Big Bug (Nymph) HOT Box

$114.95 $89.95

Some of the Newest HOT big bug nymphing patterns for the Arkansas River and numerous other Rocky Mountain watersheds! These will fish very well for you throughout the season and are core producers for our guides as lead fly in a western double nymphing rig or point fly in a euro nymphing rig. 4 of each pattern below and a magnetic flybox included...Grab one for yourself or a gift today!


#12 CZ Cranefly

#12 Barr's Tungteaser

#12 Dark Two-Bit Stone (3 Tungsten Beads)

#12 Golden Wired Stone

#12 Jig Gold/ Peacock Rubberleg Stone

#12 Crane Bomb (2 Tungsten Beads)


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