NEW Streamer HOT Box

$84.99 $69.99

A new selection of our favorite streamer heavy hitters organized in a great Umpqua box! This assortment will really get it done, with options in the larger double hook category and some of our single hook jig favorites. Get one for yourself or that favorite angler in your life! One of each pattern below organized in a very durable Umpqua foam box (magnetic closure).

#6 Galloup's Mini Dungeon (Olive) *Double

#6 Heisenberg (Wyoming Cowboy) *Double

#6 Galloup's Boogieman (Black) *Double

#6 Craven's Swim Coach (Black/ Purple) *Double

#6 Jig Sparkle Yummy (Brown Trout)

#6 Jig Chicago Overcoat (Thin Mint)

#8 Baby Gonga (Black) *Double

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