Scientific Anglers Amplitude Textured Anadro Indicator Moss/Willow/OP Green

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One and a half heavy line size.

The first series of lines to feature the revolutionary AST PLUS slickness additive, Amplitude Textured will shoot farther and last longer than any other line on the market. It’s slickness down to a science.

If you’re anything like us, the allure of big fish and big rivers is intoxicating. That’s precisely why we created Amplitude Textured Anadro Indicator. Designed with line control in mind, its extended rear taper allows you to cast a mile, mend with authority, and turn over nearly any rig imaginable—from dredging double nymphs to larger dry-dropper concoctions. Steelhead, salmon, and trout won’t know what hit them.

Features the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability
Floating Texture on the tip section for the ultimate in flotation
Shooting Texture running line delivers longer casts
Long rear taper for extended line control and long-distance casting
Overweighted by 1.5 sizes to assist in turning over heavy rigs
Use one size heavy for switch rods
For use in moderate and cold climates
Braided multifilament core
SA AMPLITUDE ANADRO WF X F (X = line weight)

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