South Bend Kastaway Trophy Pack

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Increase your chances of a bite by adding South Bend Fishing Spoons to your line. Each lure in this pack of three weighs 1/4 oz and each has a different finish. A shiny polish and a curved shape allow Kastaway trophy spoons to move through the water in a dancing motion that reflects light. These spoons get the attention of predator fish like bass as well as panfish and trout. Durable brass construction withstands the demands of marine conditions. An airflow design allows for extra-long casts to help you get into hard-to-reach spots on the lake. With split rings at one end, these fishing spoons for bass are easy to attach to your line. The other end of each lure sports a treble (three-barbed) hook to snag fish when they go in for a strike. Kastaway spoons make a useful addition to any tackle box and collection of fishing supplies.

South Bend fishing spoons come in a pack of 3, each one in a different color
Brass construction of Kastaway trophy spoons holds up against aquatic conditions
Effective fishing spoons attract trout, panfish and bass
Shape of fishing lures and spoons creates an attention-getting dancing action
Split ring attaches to lines easily
Spoons feature treble fishing hooks for maximum performance
Each lure weighs 1/4 oz

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