South Platte River Half Day Walk Wade

Article number: P-11796
The South Platte River below Spinney Mountain Reservoir is one of the most famous tailwater fisheries in North America. Located about 2 hours southwest of Denver and 40 minutes North of Royal Gorge Anglers, in the area known as South Park, this relatively short meadow stretch of the Platte is a year-round fishery and produces some of the largest trout in the state during annual spring (Rainbow and Cutthroat trout) and fall (Brown trout and Kokanee Salmon) spawning runs out of Elevenmile Reservoir, some into the mid two digits weight wise. The resident fish are no joke either, consistently reaching sizes over 18 inches. This is an amazing stretch to fish! Royal Gorge Anglers also guides on several stretches above Spinney Reservoir including the Spinney Mile (Spinney Mountain Ranch) and Tomahawk State Wildlife Areas which offer more of the same oxbow style stream settings and a variety of trout species. These fantastic trips in South Park are only made better by over 30 years of guiding experience on each given stretch. Let Royal Gorge Anglers guides show you the ropes with a great guided fly fishing trip on the South Platte River! The Half Day Walk Wade Trip format runs 4 hours, and includes refreshements, and all terminal tackle. Flies and leaders are additional cost, and lunch may be added for $10 per person. Gear rentals are available at additonal cost. For more in depth trip details & availabilty, please visit our full guided trip booking site: ***Please note, you can purchase a trip by adding this trip to your cart and checking out. However, that does not gaurantee you reserved a guide. This trip order will be recieved and processed by our staff. You will be contacted with a follow up call to confirm availability and other trip details. (Please enter your requested trip date(s) and meet time(s) in your checkout notes)
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