A Tenkara Floating Line Ready to Go...

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Our custom floating tenkara line is perfect for fishing dry flies, dry-dropper, and hopper-copper-dropper rigs. It’s also ideal for fishing in windy conditions, allowing the angler to lay more line on the water to anchor the fly. Our floating tenkara lines are handcrafted, using only premium materials, from the purpose-driven tag end all the way down to the tippet ring. The super slick line has a zero stretch core, which gives the angler immediate connection between rod and fly, and ensures strong hooksets. Our line material also has minimal memory coming off the line spool. Streamlined transition points along the length of the line eliminate catch points for tippet. Up front there’s a hi-vis inline strike indicator/sighter and a stealthy clear tip end up to the tippet ring. All tactical floating lines are 12ft in length. **Custom lines lengths can be special ordered, please inquire with the flyshop directly at (888) 994-6743 ext 1
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